Counselling Company Blog Post

Mar 2017

Alison at Worthing Counselling launched a new website for her CBT and professional counselling business recently, and along with that came a brand new blog section to the site. Alison knew that keeping her site updated with regular, relevant and readable content would help with SEO and build her brand’s authority amongst her clients and professional peers. With a national awareness day coming up, Alison contacted me to write a blog post for her site about eating disorders. She gave me a brief and notes to work from, to research and write a blog post that she could share on social media as part of the awareness campaign, but also that would scoop up potential new clients via search engines, as a general advice piece. Take a look at the blog post on this page and click the banner at the bottom of your screen to get in touch with me to tell me how we can work together to take your blog to the next level too.