SEO Blog Writing For Travel

For Expedia

Nov 2017

Holiday booking behemoth Expedia were planning a big push on their growing vacation rental sector and needed lots of new content to drive traffic to their website. SEO blog writing for travel websites involves checking out keywords identified in the brief; this was one of my tasks for writing this piece, as well as starting my research and planning. Researching which listings would be included in this fun piece on unique holiday homes across Europe was a pleasure and I was really pleased with the range of beautiful properties I found to give this article some great internal links and engaging content. For me, copywriting for SEO isn’t about keyword stuffing or relying too heavily on ticking those boxes for the search engines. First and foremost, I care about well-written informative content. I care about writing in the style and tone that connects with your customers. That’s always my starting point for any piece of writing, and don’t be fooled into thinking that these things aren’t as important for SEO either! These days search engines want to know that a website is “living” to keep it in the top rankings. Content should be updated regularly and should have a readable, engaging voice. If you have a list of keywords and need a copywriter to help you weave them into great online content for your customers, then let’s chat! Send me a note on my contact form why don’t you.

SEO Blog Writing For Travel - Unique Vacation Rentals in Europe article