Blog Posts

Boost your website traffic with up-to-date content that your customers are excited to read, show them how much you love your business and they’ll be sure to follow.

Search engines are tricky beasts with complex needs. One thing that will keep them purring happily is a blog or news section on your website, producing regular and relevant content. This shows the search engines that your company has a human side, a point of view and a level of authority in your business area. Of course, this means your customers will be pretty happy too. By using your blog to build trust and bolster your company’s mission and values you’ll start to establish a band of dedicated fans who will love nothing more than hearing what you have to say, and then telling all their friends, colleagues and neighbourhood cats that you’re the best around at whatever it is that you do.

I can write blog posts for your website on any number of topics that matter to you. If you already have a good handle on how to manage your blog, but need an extra pair of hands with the writing, I can work from your notes and guidelines. Or, if you want to be more hands-off, I’ll happily dive into fully researching, planning and writing posts. For the fullest option, I can plan an editorial calendar for your business, because keeping on top of blogging commitments can be hard, especially for small businesses and freelancers.

Let’s discuss options for a package of blog posts, to build consistency and deliver cracking content that will impress search engines, your customers, and even your competitors!