Brochure & Flyer Content

Let your best products, services and business achievements shine with copy for printed material your customers will love, that prompts action and tells a story.

Print is not dead! Even in this age of digital everything, there’s still plenty of space in the business world for printed collateral that captivates customers and impresses investors. Flyers and brochures are a great way to push a new marketing strategy, shout about an exciting project or champion your best products or services.

I’m a top notch organiser and I’ve got a bit of a knack for zeroing in on the solid gold, super important bits of information in a bunch of text. So, when I’m writing copy for brochures and flyers, I really think about making sure your customers and clients are reading and noticing all the right things first, and then keeping them locked in with some beautifully crafted copy that complements your call to action.

Get in touch using my contact form to fill me in on the details of what project or message you’re working on. I can work in parallel with a designer if you’ve already got one on board, or I can hand over the final copy for you to go to an designer with afterwards, or work on yourself, if you’re a dab hand with layouts and colour palettes.