Freelance Website Copywriting

Every element of your website needs purpose and direction. My freelance website copywriting services will give you creative copy that will be successful in supporting your brand and guiding your customers.

You’re here, you’ve already stepped aboard the good ship Laura Imogen, so there’s no need for me to take up precious minutes in your busy day to tell you how important it is to have an online presence, and that your website is your shop window to the whole world. We’re all agreed? High fives and 🙌🏼 all round!

You’re creative and you’ve got a great business head. Whilst making beautiful products, developing awesome services and using your creative smarts to tie in killer branding and photography are all things you feel pretty confident about, writing copy for your website is that one thing that falls short.

Are you…

  • Realising you’ve got dozens of web pages left to write and you’ve already rinsed the thesaurus?
  • Telling your web dev you’ll replace those bits of lorem ipsum “soon!” for the hundredth time?
  • Feeling totally confused about how to make sure more of your customers actually click that ‘buy now’ button?

These days, the crucial element of SEO (search engine optimisation) is good, readable content, it’s that simple. I will weave your keywords and phrases into your website copy in a style that is natural and strategic at the same time, keeping the search engine bots happy but also your customers and clients. Every piece of text on your website is important and visitors to your site will take notice if the content is written with real thought and care. It’s all about upholding your brand values and style, giving your company the beautiful voice it deserves.

Successful websites for creative freelancers and business owners like you are made up of:

  • great products or services✔️
  • photography and branding that shows who you are and what you do✔️
  • copy that really speaks to your customers and ultimately convinces them that you deserve their time and money🙋🏻‍♀️

I’m the right choice for freelance website copywriting

I know website copywriting

This is an area I work in every day. I know what words make a connection with your online customers and how that increases engagement, sales, and subscribers.

I’m professional and adaptable

I’m just as comfortable working one-on-one with a dedicated solopreneur as I am taking instruction from your company’s CMO. Deadlines, finance procedures, liaising with your web developer, joining the team’s Slack group? No problem! Tell me how your business works and I’ll fit in with your needs.

I’m your head cheerleader

When we start working together, I become your business’ number one fan. I want your customers to feel the same and for you to see the $£€ results of that.

I’m great with words

Whatever type of project I’m working on, pristine paragraphs and gorgeous grammar are my priority.

I sound like you

Whether you’ve got a defined tone of voice strategy document, or just a feeling about what you want and a couple of competitor examples, I will write copy that speaks to your customers in a way that supports and lifts the beautiful brand you’ve created.

Are you giving your website copy equal time and attention to make your business successful?

I’d love to hear more about your business, and what your goals are for your website copy. Maybe you want to greet your customers at the door of your website with a hug and show them around like you’re old pals. Or perhaps you want to give them a businesslike handshake and dazzle them with your industry know-how and clearly presented credentials. There’s no job too big or small, I understand websites come in many different shapes and sizes and I’ll work with you to make your site such a spectacularly good read, your customers will come back again and again!

Contact me for a free consultation and planning for the start of our freelance website copywriting project together.