Make sure you’re using your subscriber list to its fullest by sending the best e-newsletters your customers and clients look forward to seeing in their inbox.

Subscription lists are the thing for every online business that knows what’s what. It’s so easy to add a newsletter sign-up box to your website and watch those precious email addresses rack up in your chosen email marketing software account, ready to add value to your business. Your list can be one of the most powerful commodities you have, it’s a guaranteed audience that’s actually owned and managed by you, unlike the number of followers you have on social media platforms.

I can work with you to plan and write your email newsletters, to shout about your latest news or offers and craft subject lines made for clicking. A series of auto-responder emails is a really great way to introduce every new subscriber to your list, I can strategise and write the copy for this clever marketing technique. When your emails lands in your customers’ inbox, the sharp and readable messages I write will resonate and keep them loyal to your brand.

Tell me about your subscription list, what you want to share with your followers and what actions or results you want to see from a great email marketing strategy. Let’s get to work on sending positive messages into the email universe!