Specialist Travel Copywriter

Beautiful branding and dreamy destination imagery are essentials for any travel company. But great writing from a specialist travel copywriter is the key to boosting your bookings. Let me show you why.

In the travel industry, a picture paints a thousand words. If only it was that easy! You’ve got a website full of idyllic photos of your travel destinations, but beautiful as they are, they alone won’t get you more bookings. You’re going to need a specialist travel copywriter to hold on to your customers past the first impressions. I will surround your images with evocative sentences that fill your customers with the excitement that planning a holiday or travel experience brings. And then bring it home with clear calls to action to get you your next booking.

Wish you were here…

I’m as much a full time traveller as I am a full time freelance copywriter. With every new step I take working remotely around the world, I’m learning what really works for specialist travel copywriting from the customers’ point of view. I truly understand your business and I’m boyband-fangirl-level obsessed with what you do. You can be sure that I’ll be super passionate about learning everything there is to know about your travel company and how I can craft compelling content to help your business fly.

Ready to start your journey with me as your specialist travel copywriter?

I know travel

It’s what I do and this is an industry that I love, I know how to sell your holidays and travel experiences.

I’m professional and adaptable

I’m just as comfortable working with your grad intern, as conducting an interview with your CEO. Deadlines, finance procedures, joining the team Slack group? No problem! Tell me how your company works and I’ll fit in with your needs.

I’m your head cheerleader

When we start working together, I become your company’s number one fan. I want your customers to feel the same and for you to see the $£€ results of that.

I’m great with words

Whatever type of project I’m working on, pristine paragraphs and gorgeous grammar are my priority.

I sound like you

Whether you’ve got a defined tone of voice strategy document, or just a feeling about what you want and a couple of competitor examples, I will write copy that speaks to your customers in a way that supports and lifts the beautiful brand you’ve created.

What travel copywriting services do you need?

Web copywriting

Hotel chains, travel consultants and vacation property owners, you all need a strong online presence to compete in this busy market. I can write results-driven copy for your own website, or listings sites, that will turn casual browsers into bookers.

Brochure copywriting

In online or print brochures for the travel industry, photography may be king, but make sure Queen Copy has a suitable crown. Well-written content for your travel brochure takes your publications to the next level with copy that the imagery deserves.

City guide writer

Content marketing doesn’t have to be a cumbersome afterthought. Travel companies have such a wealth of information around their industry that customers are waiting to devour. City guides are the perfect way to boost a whole number of travel products and services and drive more traffic directly to you.

Travel blog content

Industry news, seasonal posts, guest blogging opportunities and more. I can write a series of blog posts for you to up your SEO cred and authority. As a specialist travel copywriter, I’ve got a treasure trove full of content ideas to help you engage with your readers.

Email newsletters, social media posts

If you’ve got plans for a big marketing push for a new product or service, or need to re-energise your subscribers and followers, I can work with you to write emails that maximise your bookings and social media posts that convert and show results.

Travel copywriting that works

You can stand out from the crowd in the competitive travel industry! Are you sure that your website copy, online content, and marketing materials are up to the same standard as your brand’s amazing services and imagery? Great copywriting is how customers know why they should book with you and how to do that. Let’s get started today, hire me as your specialist travel copywriter and I’ll make your travel copy shine.

Contact me for a free consultation and some great travel chat.