Hello! I’m Laura Imogen, your copywriter for international audiences.

Helping you and your business connect with your global audience.

I write creative and thoughtful content that's on your customers' wavelength.

Go global

You’ve worked hard to build an awesome business in our globally connected world.

Make sure your online and offline presence truly connects with your international audience through great copywriting.

Grow your customer base with content that's clear for English speakers and international readers alike.

Take back your time

Your job is to create awesome products or services. My job is to listen to what you do and what's important to you.

Whether you're a confident wordsmith or you're totally daunted at the thought of writing more than an email, outsourcing copywriting is the right decision for your business.

I'll free up your time, I'll bring strategy and planning smarts, I'll be your fresh pair of eyes.


Celebrate you

I will become your company's number one fan so that I can create the messages that will turn your customers into fully fledged, banner-waving brand ambassadors.

As a native UK copywriter, I will nurture your brand's voice and make sure every customer buys into who you are and what you do.

As a Spanish resident and perpetual traveller, I'll bring a sense of enthusiasm, adventure and curiosity to our work together, as well as ever-loving respect for you as a brave business owner.


Find out more about website copywriting, blog writing and specialist travel copywriting.

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